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July 2015: Primary Hemodynamic Objectives in Severe Sepsis Treatment (in French)

                        JP. Mira, head of intensive care unit of Cochin hospital (Paris, France)


August 2015Early goal-directed therapy (in English)

                        JD. Chiche, hospital practitioner and professor of criticial care medicine at Cochin hospital (Paris, France) 


September 2015Biomarkers to explore immuno-paralysis (in English)

                        B. François, hospital practitioner of the intensive care unit at Limoges hospital and coordinator physician of the clinical investigation center (CIC) of Limoges (France),



 One day around Sepsis - 03 June 2015


TRIGGERSEP network wishes to thank all the speakers for the quality of their presentation and the availability of their documents downloadable hereafter:


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